AMB’s Featured Agent of December – Courtney Bridgman

We are proud to announce AMB’s Featured Agent of December, Courtney Bridgman!

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As Absolute Mortgage’s Featured Agent of December, Courtney Bridgman of Alain Pinel Realtors in Los Altos, CA describes her style as a Realtor and how she provides her buyers with quality, trustworthy service by working closely with the listing agent and providing exclusive insight on Bay Area real estate.

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Real Estate and Thanksgiving

Is it just me or has everyone you know been burning the candle at both ends since Labor Day this year?   And while I am not sure whether it’s due to business in general or the fact that we’re all doing overtime to recover as best we can from the last few years, my hope is that we all use this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday to truly take a break, breathe a little deeper and focus on what matters most: family and friends.  Not necessarily in that order of course 😉

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Q4 2012 Really the Time to Sell?

Traditionally, the best time to sell property is in the Spring.  Realistically, the best time to sell property is whenever one can command the highest price, which may be right now.   So while the historical charts suggest that Q4 is a more challenging time to sell real estate, the following facts may just make for a very surprising Q4.

San Mateo County home sales showing a dip in inventory in Q4 for the past five years.

First let’s consider the basic facts that in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (versus 2011): 

1.       Inventory is DOWN by over 60%
2.       Sales up over 17% in Santa Clara County; up over 32% in San Mateo County
3.       Pending sales up 2% in Santa Clara County; up over 7% in San Mateo County

Santa Clara County home sales showing a dip in inventory in Q4 for the past four years.

Combine the above with the fact that over 10 new off-market listings and over 20 new buyers were added to Producers Forum in just the last WEEK, and it’s clear that demand continues to outstrip supply.  And finally, with interest rates continuing to be at their most attractive levels in history, affordability for homes is at a high point.  Really, did you ever think that fixed-rate loans are available BELOW 3.00%..?
Finally, if you further add the above to the changes scheduled for 2013 that I wrote about in my last article, this quarter may end up defying the odds.